CRM Tools

The CRM Tools product consists of a collection of various administration, reporting, risk-management, and accounting tools that assist with the multitude of challenges faced with online casino operators. This product is constantly evolving and improving to incorporate additional suggestions and needs of the client.

Real-Time Sports Algorithms

The real-time sports algorithms project is a major ongoing project with a future development roadmap continuing forward for at least the next three (3) years. Version 1.0 was released for production on November 1, 2014.

The product is divided into two main focuses.

HTML5 Games

Essential Algorithms Solutions is currently in active development of an impressive array of true-to-life HTML5 casino games. The project scope encompasses all major casino game categories, including slot machines, table games (including blackjack and roulette), and video poker. This exciting and innovative project involves delivering a high-quality gaming experience without using platform-specific technologies such as Flash. The HTML5 games are targeted towards all modern platforms, including desktops (both Mac and PC), tablets (including the iPad), and smart phones of all varieties.