Real-Time Sports Algorithms

The real-time sports algorithms project is a major ongoing project with a future development roadmap continuing forward for at least the next three (3) years. Version 1.0 was released for production on November 1, 2014.

The product is divided into two main focuses.

  • Prematch: The prematch component sets odds for a variety of sporting events before that sporting event goes into play. The software aggregates a variety of data points such as previous games, team statistics, and current marketplace lines to set odds for each prematch event.
  • Live In-Play: The live-in-play component sets odds for sporting events that are currently in-play. The software begins with the last prematch line as the starting point for when the game is about to go in play. Once the game is in play, current scouting data is combined with previous game results and team statistics to set real-time odds which change instantly according to the activities occurring within the match as they happen. The algorithms that define the in-play odds are specific to each sport, and are further fine-tuned for each league within that sport as necessary. All algorithms are written in C++ to ensure the highest performance and speed.

The product handles everything from the data aggregation up to the data push to a distribution server which is run in the client's hosting environment. In both prematch and in-play modes, the odds are delivered to the end-user's browser using WebSockets technology, which allows real-time data push of updates or changes without the overhead and delay of traditional Ajax polling. The client has the opportunity to change and customize the betting user interface to match their site design and color scheme.