HTML5 Games

Essential Algorithms Solutions is currently in active development of an impressive array of true-to-life HTML5 casino games. The project scope encompasses all major casino game categories, including slot machines, table games (including blackjack and roulette), and video poker. This exciting and innovative project involves delivering a high-quality gaming experience without using platform-specific technologies such as Flash. The HTML5 games are targeted towards all modern platforms, including desktops (both Mac and PC), tablets (including the iPad), and smart phones of all varieties.

Essential Algorithms Solutions is managing all phases of the project. Our Visualization department creates the overall concept and theme for each game. Our 3D Modelling team then begins generating the various content needed to build the game, including icons, scenes, game tables, cards, chips, and any other visual elements within the game. The 3D models are passed through a continuous improvement process until the absolute best true-to-life rendition has been created. At that stage, the animation department then takes the various 3D models and animates the graphics and combines them with music and sound effects to tie together the whole gaming experience. Once that process is complete, the graphic design team has completed their portion of the project and the workflow then passes through to the HTML5 team. The HTML5 development team takes the complete graphics pack and uses a variety of HTML5 tactics to first combine the graphics into a playable game, and then hook said game up to our standardized game engine which regulates gameplay and win/loss events.

E.A.S's product roadmap contains plans for new true-to-life games for the next three (3) calendar years. After the 3-year mark, the product roadmap then continues into a new realm of gaming, wherein new games altogether (that extend beyond the traditional slots, blackjack and roulette games) unique to E.A.S. will be developed.