CRM Tools

The CRM Tools product consists of a collection of various administration, reporting, risk-management, and accounting tools that assist with the multitude of challenges faced with online casino operators. This product is constantly evolving and improving to incorporate additional suggestions and needs of the client.

The first version of the product began with a multi-month investigation phase wherein E.A.S. project managers met with members of the client's team and discussed and investigated in detail the client's various business challenges and goals. After the investigatory phase was complete, E.A.S. had a detailed list of initial features that would be needed in v1.0 of the CRM.

Over time, the CRM product has continued to evolve and various major and minor releases have been made. The product is unique in that it not only provides traditional CRM tools, but also provides integration interfaces with a variety of external software providers (such as payment processor, game providers, and risk management services) and thus acts as the core of the client's business. The CRM product now is the foundation of approximately six (6) sites.

The current feature set is expansive. Highlights include the following:

  • Ability to administer player accounts, such as balances, adjustments, bonus award and cancellation, and profile updates
  • Permissions structure to determine feature access and also which aspects of each feature can be used
  • User agent and IP tracking
  • Gameplay logging (which games were played, how much was bet, winning amounts, etc.
  • Monthly and yearly financial projections tools
  • Affiliate commission tracking and reporting
  • Automatic player retention system which provides promotional offers (based upon user's past deposit history) and automatic emails (which are intelligently variable depending on the length of inactivity
  • Creation and management of promotional offers
  • Management and reporting of deposits and withdrawals
  • Geographic trends analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) reporting and analysis
  • Content management tools, such as the ability to change images or text on areas of the public website
  • Multi-factor user search and user export tool to pull player segments based upon a multitude of factors including last deposit date, lifetime deposits range, last bonus taken, last login date, language spoken, geographic location, amount of deposits made over a specified period, affiliate/agent, and other factors.