Thorough Research

Research is a critical component of E.A.S.'s unique Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). The research phase does not simply encompass investigating the various project requirements to formulate cost and time estimates.

The E.A.S. research process involves first analysing the client's underlying business needs and requirements to understand why the software solution is needed and how it will benefit the client's business. The software planning process does not begin until a full business due diligence process is completed to ensure that the client's unique circumstances are understood and acted upon. This ensures that the project managers overseeing the development process are constantly aware of the business environment while the solution is being developed so that all aspects of the software solution are a "best-fit" for that client's specific circumstances.

After a thorough business due diligence process has been completed, the E.A.S. research process continues to investigate what recent technological innovations may benefit the client's needs. These recent innovations would be implemented into the project roadmap after a thorough weighing of the options has been conducted with final decisions being left to the client. In cases where the current state of technology is simply inadequate or incomplete, E.A.S. will create custom tools, protocols, and services to make the concept a reality.

Depending on the needs of the particular client, the E.A.S. research process may repeat on an ongoing basis to provide continual re-assessment of the software solution and provide for further innovation and improvement as the needs of the client's business evolve.