Accurate Budgeting

Providing software solutions on time that fulfil all necessary business requirements is only part of the professionalism that E.A.S. offers to clients. E.A.S. also prides itself in providing solutions that are cost-effective and completed within budget.

One common setback in software development projects is an issue where unforeseen circumstances or requirements cause an unexpected increase in development resources needed, which then in turn increases the cost of the project above the original budget. Many times, these unforeseen requirements or features are a side-effect of the fact that the software developers are not fully "up to speed" on the overall business needs that the software solution seeks to satisfy. E.A.S. virtually eliminates these types of setbacks due to its unique Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) which begins with a detailed business analysis and understanding phase. The planning of software features and requirements does not begin until a full background investigation of the underlying business needs is complete. This ensures that as the project is being planned, the overall business needs are constantly within focus and thus the likelihood of "missing" or "unexpected" features is virtually eliminated.

E.A.S. also provides detailed work breakdown and accounting reconciliation reports at each pre-defined milestone throughout the progression of any software projects so that the client is continuously informed of the overall budgetary progress of the solution.